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Hi there!

Presenting a warm welcome to all the visitors to my blog.

I’m a professional writer with a flair for observing life’s smallest things and writing about them in a way that they can be related to the features of life.

I am a girl with a creative mind and deep thinking, a soft heart and a strong sense of perceiving. I am fond of reading books and novels, making inspiring music videos, dancing, eating food, watching movies and TV shows, listening to music and living my life to the fullest!

A computer science engineer with a technical mind, constantly on the look out for hidden meanings and good things in the people I meet or the relationships I experience.

A believer, a dreamer, a hard worker, an innovator, a fantasist, a lover of getting and giving inspiration. I look forward to connecting with your hearts through my views and expressions of writing. Any kind of suggestions and feedback are heartily welcome.


Rupali 🙂